Journey to Vibrant Health

Want to move better and smile more?  Come on a life-changing journey to better health and vitality!

Move into the possibilites of better health, greater happiness and more joy  

Move with Ease

Bring ease, grace and flexibility into your movement.

Feel in Control

Move past blocks holding you back from your best life.

Feel Supported

Shape your unique healing journey with personal guidance and the support you need for success.


Show up exactly how and where you are, embrace your true nature and become astounded by the life you can create.

Be in Community

"You must do it by yourself, AND, you cannot do it alone".
                     Martin Rutte

Connect with like-minded people on their healing journey and celebrate your results.

No equipment needed

You have all you need to move the needle forward: your body and your mind.


Say YES  to yourself and move from just surviving to THRIVING.

Gain Clarity

Learn powerful practices to transform and shift into wellness.

Become Empowered

Feel empowered, not defeated by your health challenges. Make choices that reflect your hopes and not your fears.  


Find your unique path to wellness.  Join me for 60 minutes and we will identify your priority of the three key elements to health: Nourishment, Movement and Environment that I use to start your journey into vibrant health. Schedule your no-pressure, Path to Wellness Discovery Call, via email or Calendly-your choice!

Celebrating Results

Carla O

"After just a few sessions with Robin I felt like a new person.  The pain I had lived with for so long was gone. Her thoroughness and expertise has helped me feel better physically and mentally in so many ways, and I am grateful that I found her."

Carol H

"Robin is a miracle worker!  She is a true professional who is passionate about what she does, is a life-long learner, and provides helpful tips for your to use long after you've seen her. There is no other physical therapist as good as Robin."

Colleen K

"I think you did a wonderful job presenting. I found the information you provided to be very helpful and practical.
I enjoyed that you made the presentation more interactive by encouraging participants to practice the tips that you were teaching while on the call.  I am looking for to your next presentation."

Sharon M

This was such a rich class - informative and inspiring!

                                        Sharon M

Choose a class today to start to feel better. 

Need more grace and ease in movement?

Take a Feldenkrais class.

Want to uncover and remove blocks holding you back?

Take an EFT Tapping class?

Want more in-depth learning?

Take a course, called Deeper Dives

woman on mat


1:1 for MR

EFT Tapping


Deeper Dives

Fridays, May 6-27, 2022

woman on mat

4-Week Deep Dive LIVE Course on Zoom     10-11:15 am Central Time

Effortless Movement

Want to stand up tall?  Do you want to relieve pain or stiffness that you think is just part of aging?  Imagine performing activities you haven't been able to do for years, without pain or discomfort.

Come join me in these virtual classes that will use simple, gentle, movements to change the way you use your muscles and joints.  Although each class focuses on a different area of the body, all movement lessons have a global effect, allowing overused muscles to relax and those that need to be engaged to wake up.


CAN'T MAKE IT LIVE?  You have access to recordings of all sessions.

AFRAID YOU WON'T KEEP IT UP?  Receive my Bullet Proof checklist on how to incorporate tiny habits into your life.

DON'T WANT TO WATCH REPLAYS TO REMEMBER WHAT TO DO?  You will get short, written summaries of all the lessons that you can refer to for a quick reminder.

WORRIED YOU AREN'T DOING IT RIGHT?  Receive a complimentary, 15-minute. one-on-one Zoom session with me.  I can assess your posture and movement patterns and make suggestions just for you.

UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE:  After the first lesson you do not feel this course is for you, just email me for a full refund, no questions asked!

Now more than ever, the strength of your immune system is key to staying healthy.  Learn 3 key steps to improving your immunity that you won't hear about in the news!


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