Deeper Dives

Deeper Dives

Courses will be offered throughout the year that will explore specific practices to assist you on your path of healing.  These classes will range from 4-8 weeks in length and include:

Introduction to Tapping - $147

Happy For No Reason - $397  

Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method - $147

Optimum Health - $297

Conscious Aging - $397


Deeper Dive Courses

Introductory 4-Week Classes

  • In addition to experiencing these tools, learn the history, mechanics and science behind the Feldenkrais® Method or EFT Tapping. This will enhance your outcome in the classes you choose to attend by giving you the opportunity to delve into specific topics and have your questions answered.

Happy for No Reason

  • In this eight-week course, learn the seven pillars to raise your "happiness set point" and the practices to get you there. Both the science and the experiential provide you with a road map to have more joy, laughter and lightness in your life.

Optimum Health

  • In this six-week course, the research on nutrition, movement, bone health, emotional well-being, meditation, and more is presented along with techniques to achieve more robust health.

Conscious Aging

  • An eight-week course exploring your beliefs about aging and how you can be present to the gifts and challenges it brings.

Who it's for

For those who want more information, a deeper dive, on specific topics.  You can add these to your journey if they encompass your vision as they become available.  


Add richness to your journey 

  • Learn more about the WHY of a technique
  • Have time to integrate information while also practicing between sessions
  • Choose the area that speaks to you 

Enjoy the Benefits of Membership

Choose your classes, have the support you need to make the changes you want.

Choose your class date

Members receive a 20 % discount on all Deeper Dives.  

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