EFT tapping for calm & clarity

Tapping for Calm & clarity

 Rewire your Brain to Relieve Stress

EFT Tapping is a gentle, easy to learn technique that can help calm your nervous system.  Once you are in a more relaxed state, options for moving forward, that may not have been in your awareness, can emerge.

Download an easy-to-read, one-page, review of the tapping points to get calm now!


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As a physical therapist and bodyworker for over 50 years, I am passionate about helping people feel better and find their way to optimal health.

Robin Eisen - Owner of Dragonfly Body Mind Healing and developer of https://yourhealingjouney.net


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If you want help in achieving better health, join me for a free, 30-minute session via Zoom.  We will talk about your dreams for feeling better and how to get there. You will learn the 3 Pillars of Wellness essential to feeling your best.

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