LIVING LIGHTER with Heather Aardema

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with Heather Aardema

Heather Aardema is a health coach and founder of the School of Lighter Living

Heather believes that removing clutter, anything that gets between you and the best version you have for your life, is necessary for a healthy life.

Clutter is anything that weighs you down, and falls into three categories:

  • Mind Clutter: Negative thoughts including I should or I can’t
  • Body Clutter: Food, water, or toxins, including from skincare products
  • Home Clutter: Physical stuff and what we listen to in our home on the radio or TV
Ask yourself, “Is there clutter in my life?”

By reducing your clutter, you will live lighter and healthier. A research study showed that people who worked in a clean office, versus those that were in a messy space, all doing the same tasks, were twice as likely to choose an apple instead of a candy bar when offered both at the end of the day.

So, by removing clutter from your life, you will make better choices for a healthier lifestyle on a daily basis.

Heather also suggests that you shift your mindset from FOMO, Fear of Missing Out, to JOMO, Joy of Missing Out. So, if you decide to give up gluten, for instance, instead of feeling deprived or restricted, anchor in the joy the experience will give you down the road, like less heaviness, better sleep, or reduced inflammation.

Heather believes the bedroom is the most important room of your house to declutter. Walking into a clean space creates a sense of calm and lowers your cortisol, the stress hormone, level. Better sleep and lower cortisol levels are critical for bone health. Pick up clothes from the floor, keep surfaces clear, and remove too many pictures from the room.

Additionally, to promote better sleep, clear Body Clutter by using Blue Blocker glasses in the evening, so light does not interfere with your production of melatonin, which is needed to feel sleepy. Use a journal at your bedside to clear your Mind Clutter. Write out everything on your mind to get in on paper and out of your head.

Lastly, as our brains are wired for the negative, use positive thoughts on waking in the morning to set the tone for the day. Ask yourself, “What matters most to me? What do I want?” Then pause and allow your dream to be possible.

My solution for creating new habits:

Start small, do it in community, and/or have an accountability partner!

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