Your Healing Journey

Effortless Movement Using The Feldenkrais Method Deep Dive May 2022


Stand up tall and learn to move with more ease.  Whether you are new to Feldenkrais and want an orientation to the method or want to enrich your experience of individual classes, this four-week course will guide you to move effortlessly, and with more grace and ease. Learn about the founder, Moshe Feldenkrais, the how’s and why’s of the method, and experience four Awareness Through Movement lessons. There is time to address individual needs and answer any questions you may have.


1. Recordings of all sessions.
2.  Bullet-proof checklist on how to change habits.
3.  Written summary of each lesson as a quick reminder on what to do.
4.  Private Zoom call with me to assess your posture with specific recommendations for you.

We’ll meet via Zoom, Fridays from 10am – 11:15am Central,
May 6 – 27th, 2022


Deep Dive Courses

Introductory Classes

  • In addition to experiencing the tools of each modality, learn the history, mechanics, and science behind the Feldenkrais® Method or EFT Tapping. This will enhance your outcome in the classes you choose to attend by giving you the opportunity to delve into specific topics and have your questions answered.  Find EFFORTLESS MOVEMENT with the Feldenkrais Method and EASE YOUR MIND with EFT TAPPING.

Happy for No Reason

  • In this eight-week course, learn the seven pillars to raise your "happiness set point" and the practices to get you there. Both the science and the experiential provide you with a road map to have more joy, laughter and lightness in your life.

Optimum Health

  • In this six-week course, the research on nutrition, movement, bone health, emotional well-being, meditation, and more is presented along with techniques to achieve more robust health.

Conscious Aging

  • An eight-week course exploring your beliefs about aging and how you can be present to the gifts and challenges it brings.

Who it's for

For those who want more information, a deeper dive, on specific topics, will enhance your skills in moving towards wellness. The Introductory Feldenkrais and EFT Tapping courses will enrich your weekly class experience   You can add these to your journey, as they become available, if they encompass your vision of health. 


Add richness to your journey 

  • Learn more about the WHY of a technique
  • Have time to integrate information while also practicing between sessions
  • Choose the area that speaks to you