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Find your unique path to wellness.  Join me for 60 minutes, on Zoom, and we will identify your priority of the three key elements of health: Nourishment, Movement, and Environment to start your journey into vibrant health. Schedule your no-pressure, Path to Wellness Discovery Call.

Let's customize your program on a Zoom call so you get CLARITY on your specific issues, and a STRATEGY to move you forward into optimum health.

Why book a call and what to expect:

Ready to find your path?  You can meet me on Zoom, for FREE, to find it.

I offer both 1:1 sessions and group programs to help you move better, think better, and just plain feel better, no matter your health challenges.

In addition to my years of experience in physical therapy, I use movement based on the Feldenkrais Method, EFT Tapping for emotional grounding, vagus nerve processes to calm your body, bio-individual nutrition for gut health, and most recently Clarity Breathwork to soften the layers of past trauma.

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